Welcome to A Prime Life



Why did I start this website?

Browsing through the hundreds of books, articles, and websites about exercise and health for older folks (like me!), I found much of the available information to be unnecessarily complicated. Effective exercise should not require special equipment, expensive gear, or gym memberships. At my age, I don’t need to be super buff or have washboard abs! It seemed to me that an exercise plan should be simple, clear and easy to incorporate into one’s daily life, without having to think too much about it. Like Nike says, I wanted to “just do it.”

Keep it Simple * Keep it Consistent  * Keep it Fun

I decided to turn my own lifestyle into a program and offer it to others. It works for me and it can work for you.

My motto is: Keep it Simple, Keep it Consistent, Keep it Fun

I strongly believe you need all three elements. If your exercise or diet plan gets too complicated, you’ll give it up. If you start skipping days, or weeks, you’ll lose your motivation. If it’s not fun, you’ll quit the whole thing!

Here are some ideas that make sense to me:

*Exercise keeps the body alive. Food keeps the body alive. When you have those two things working together, your body is in a harmonious place.

*Healthy living doesn’t come from the doctors office or insurance companies. It’s about small everyday choices. It’s about the activity we do daily, riding a bike instead of taking the car; using the stairs instead of the elevator; eating less quantity of food, but more nutritious food.

*Aging is a natural process in the human species, so let’s deal with it in a natural way. Rather than grumbling about aging, let’s embrace it and enjoy it in a healthy way. Age is only a statistic, it shouldn’t be a burden.

My final word

philosophically speaking is this: Research tells us that one-third of our longevity is determined by our genes, which leaves two-thirds within our influence. Let’s work with the two-thirds! Let’s make the right choices that will lead to a more vigorous, vital way of life.