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Arnold Orgolini                            Arnold

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Arnold Orgolini and I live and work in Venice, California.

In my past life I had a long career in the entertainment industry as a production executive and producer.  I have now become involved in senior fitness issues having recently produced “New American Heroes”, a documentary about the Senior Olympics event in Florida.

I'm not a professional athlete nor a personal trainer just a 75 year old guy who still loves and is able to run, bike, swim, ski, weight train and play lots of tennis, the same way I did waaay back in my thirties.  Well maybe I'm a bit slower now!!

I've always pursued some sort of physical activity even when there wasn't much time on my schedule, believing that                                       exercise does alter the process of aging for the better. My 75 years of experience tells me it's the truth.


Jody Brockway

Physical activity has always been part of my life even during the hectic years of raising two children as a single parent, and holding down a job requiring long hours, I tried to squeeze in jogs at dawn and bike rides with the kids. In my fifties, with more free time, I jumped into exercise with both feet, literally. Took up running races, started playing tennis, polished up my skiing, and discovered yoga. Consequently I got into the best shape of my life—in my fifties! It is amazing what consistent exercise can do for you mentally and physically.

I was born and raised in New York, moving to Los Angeles in my thirties. I currently live in Venice, California, I am not 75!

Since my career is now part-time, I am devoting myself to helping people find success with the 'ONE STEP' PROGRAM                                       approach to health and fitness. It’s simple, it’s fun, and if you stay consistent, it will change how you feel, inside and out.